Karen Street Children’s Trust

We support the work of the Karen Street Children’s Trust, both in Nairobi at our Head Office and with apprenticeships and work placements at our camps.


The Masai Mara

For the past twenty-six years the Karen Street Children’s Trust (KSCT) has been working to build a brighter future for impoverished and disadvantaged children from the slums surrounding the Karen suburb of Nairobi. To date they have helped nearly 200 young people build worthwhile lives through education, training and employment opportunities. They are currently working with 40 sponsored students. Each has been selected on the basis of hardship at home and the potential to benefit from a good education.

Amongst their alumni they have an architect, quantity surveyor, clinical officer, nurse, actuary, many accountants, environmental scientist, computer engineers, bankers, community workers, businessmen, solar engineers, caterers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics and many others. For each of the students, these achievements are the result of many years of sponsorship and mentoring from the KSCT.

Governors’ is proud to have been supporting the work of this charity from its inception with logistical support, apprenticeship training schemes and long term employment for the graduates.

If you would like to sponsor a child from a disadvantaged background you can find information on how to do this on their website. You can also support the KSCT as you shop online using Amazon. Smile.amazon.co.uk donates 0.5% of the net purchase price of eligible purchases to the charity. All you need to do is choose KSCT as your preferred charity and ensure that you log on to the Smile.Amazon website when you wish to make a purchase.