Governors' Mugie House

Governor’s Mugie House Update

We are building what will become a beautiful Lodge set on a hill overlooking fifty thousand acres of wild and unspoiled ranch in the North of Kenya that was previously a private family home.

The Mugie Build – photo credit Chris Payne

What started with sheets of paper and pencilled plans rubbed out and redrawn a hundred times, gradually made their way to draughtsman’s drawings and structural building plans. These in turn became bills of quantities and endless lists of tools and equipment needed.

The Mugie Build – photo credit Chris Payne

Early in the year we moved onsite and notwithstanding delays in contract and numerous hiccups that all had to be patiently waited out or sorted through, we eventually started work on staff accommodation and septic tanks.

The list of works is extensive with all the existing buildings being gutted and reworked to meet the designers exacting specifications. The back of house was rudimentary and we made modifications to create the basis that supports the whole!

The Mugie Build – photo credit Chris Payne

The front of house has been more extensive with some of the old thatched rooms being transformed into what will be elegant spacious rooms with tall ceilings. All cottages shall have fabulous views looking out over the waterhole below, from which the elephants look up at us in some perplexity!

The Mugie Build – photo credit Chris Payne

The acres of rambling gardens have been tidied up and are now the backdrop to a delightfully elegant and comfortable base from which to explore the ranch and experience the excitement of conservation tied to a working ranch that supports the surrounding area and communities.

The Mugie Build – photo credit Chris Payne

However, that’s still a few months away and right now we are still working on various building sites connected by trenches for power and water. The buildings await their fittings and their furniture. Fabrics and fixtures are still finding their way from all around the world before they can eventually find their place in this new and exciting place. Not long now!

By Philip Mason, Manager at Governors’ Mugie House.



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