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Staying Strong: Enhancing employee growth and development

With the aim of boosting employee wellbeing, growth and development, our staff at Mugie, Loldia and in the Mara, took part in a wellness programme dubbed ‘Staying Strong’. This is a Wilderness group-wide initiative, with the sessions facilitated by Victor Mabachi from Free to Grow.

Victor Mabachi, Kenya Country Associate, Free to Grow

In response to a growing concern from many of their clients about the impact of the Pandemic and other life stressors on employee wellbeing, Free To Grow developed their strategy, Staying Strong, early in 2020. Free to Grow has operated in 36 countries, mostly across Africa and the Middle East, while the Staying Strong programme has been presented in 10 countries so far – Rwanda and Tanzania will make it twelve. The course has also been translated into multiple languages including Kiswahili.

“To win in the marketplace, you need to win in the workplace” ~ Free to Grow

Their objective is to support organisations in creating a caring culture and identify values that enhance employee health and wellbeing. Statistics worldwide show that only around 5 – 7% of staff have access to a formal Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The rest are usually left to struggle along on their own. Staying Strong shifts the focus from ‘therapy for a few’ to ‘building the skills to maintain mental health for many’.

Organisations should boost a sense of ‘belonging’ within teams 

The programme and toolkit help to build an employee’s emotional fitness and resilience so that they can persevere during tough times, while the theory and practice of the training inspires and encourages them to contribute fully to the course.

“The Staying Strong training is one that every employee should undergo. The training not only enhances our engagement with our associates, but teaches us how to improve our well-being both at work, and at home” ~ Felix Ogembo, Manager, Governors’ Camp.

Felix Ogembo, Manager, Governors’ Camp, Masai Mara

For more information on Free to Grow and their comprehensive packages which helps both people, as well as organisations, thrive, please see



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