Mongoose Club

At Governors’ Camp Collection, we are continually striving to improve our guest experiences, therefore we have our very own ‘Mongoose Club’ for younger guests at Governors Camp!


The Masai Mara

On your arrival at Governors’ Camp, you will notice our numerous little furry friends; the dwarf and banded mongoose, who are well loved members of our famous ‘Cast of Characters’! We wanted to celebrate these entertaining critters by naming our new kid’s club after them, and so the Governors’ Mongoose Club has been formed.

The idea behind this club is to educate and inspire our youngest visitors in ways that they would never have access to in their mainstream schooling systems abroad. Game drives are, of course, wonderful experiences in themselves to be shared with family, but there is so much more for your children to take away from their Kenyan safari.

The activities are designed to be fun and informative and we know these experiences will provide your children with lifetime memories. You, as the parents, can take some well-deserved timeout; enjoy a spa treatment, read a book or just have a siesta while Julius (Our “chief Mongoose”) who is a local Masai guide and the rest of our friendly team keep your children as entertained and educated as they would like to be, whilst of course ensuring their complete safety at all times.

The list of fun is endless but some of our top educational picks are as follows: the importance of ecosystems, tree planting, Masai culture and visiting a local Masai school, identifying animal tracks and footprints (they can make a plaster of paris mould too if they get luck with a clear footprint!), identifying birds and their different sounds and nests, nocturnal animals and the easy use of our camera traps around camp as well as learning all about the night sky and constellations through our telescope and laser star pointer!

Of course, there’s a just for fun section too and this includes easy cookery – make your own pizza using one of our charcoal eco-ovens, or roasting popcorn and marshmallows over an open fire (a delicious pre-dinner treat to be shared on your family sundowner).

They can try their hand at target practice using handmade wooden bows and arrows, as well as making their very own piece of Masai beaded jewellery with the help of a Masai ‘mama’.

Don’t forget that we have new Family Tents at Governors’ Camp, perfectly designed to accommodate your little ones – this really is the camp to give your family the safari of a lifetime!