Kenya Masai Mara

A ‘cast of characters’ awaits you at Governors’ (Part One)

The extraordinary characters – the human ones – of the Governors’ Camp Collection ardently care about each and every guest experience. Our warm and welcoming team provides the perfect introduction to Africa and every one of us is deeply committed to giving the very best in all we do.

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations in 2022, we look forward to introducing you to both our human and wildlife Cast of Characters.

Harrison Nampaso, Governors’ Camp.

Meet our General Manager, Harrison Nampaso, who has worked at Governors’ Camp for over 17 years.

“If you have got passion for your job, everything else comes naturally” ~ Harrison Nampaso, General Manager, Governors’ Camp, Masai Mara.

As a child growing up in Narok County, where the Masai Mara is located, I always had a passion for wildlife and nature and at school I was the head of the Junior Wildlife Club.

I joined Governors’ Camp in 2005 as a trainee waiter and then attended several wildlife and nature courses and had the privilege to take guests on walking safaris where every day is magical in the Mara.

Harrison performs the traditional leaping dance called ‘adumu’ in front of the iconic Mara River.

I was then promoted to the camp’s Community Liaison Officer, of which I am especially proud, as we built or funded schools, clinics, roads and water systems for the people of the Maasai community who otherwise would have lacked such basic services.

With the encouragement of the Grammaticas family, I have risen through the ranks and now hold the position of General Manager at Governors’ Camp and I believe that passion, vision and self-drive explains my successful path.

I’ve been given a great opportunity to work at Governors’ Camp; I have the responsibility for the day to day management of the camp, community and wildlife projects and over fifty staff. It is my aim to give our guests an exceptional safari experience.

Our multi tasking general manager gives a cultural talk to guests at Governors’ Camp.

I am extremely proud of my long association with Governors’ and all it encompasses, especially the wonderful people who I live and work with and the guests who visit us that are a privilege to know.

Rhoda Maina, Governors’ Camp.

Meet our treasured Head of Housekeeping, Rhoda Maina who has worked at Governors’ Camp for an impressive 26 years.

“One of the main things with Governors’ is you don’t feel like you are at work, it’s like being with family,” Rhoda Maina, Head of Housekeeping, Governors’ Camp, Masai Mara

I joined Governors’ Camp in 1996 straight out of Hotel Management College which was in Nairobi and started in the laundry department.  I was totally overwhelmed. I had never been to the Masai Mara before and its astonishing beauty was breathtaking.  At first it took me a while to adapt to the sounds of the night in the African bush – as it was all so new and remarkable – but now I am unable to go to sleep without those sounds!

My day begins with a morning catch-up with colleagues of all departments. We discuss the day ahead, how many guests are arriving, how many guests are leaving, any large parties coming into the camp and any special guest requests. Throughout the day there are various meetings to attend as communication is key to achieving a wonderful guest experience.

The entire staff of Governors’ Camp creates a home away from home for all our guests and which makes the camp so special. Working with the team and empowering them to succeed is very satisfying. More importantly, I love looking after our guests and especially the children, as a happy guest makes my job worthwhile.

Bernard Lodeki, Little Governors’ Camp.

And finally, with 22 years of service at Little Governors’ Camp, Bernard Lodeki shares why he believes he has the most ‘unique’ job on the Mara River.

“Every day gives me a fresh opportunity to connect with the guests and transport them to a front-row seat of unspoiled wilderness,” Bernard Lodeki, Boat Man, Little Governors’ Camp, Masai Mara.

I believe that I have the most ‘unique’ job on the Mara River as the approach to Little Governors’ Camp is very impressive.  Guests arrive on one side of the Mara River, leaving their vehicles behind and I ferry them across on my boat, by pulling hand over hand, along a rope, to the other side.  They then have an escorted walk through the riverine forest, which is teeming with bird life, before arriving into one of the most beautiful tented camps in all of Kenya.

The infamous river crossing at Little Governors Camp – photo credit Nick Penny 

Having started working with Governors’ in 2000, I have had many experiences from in the laundry, then moving into the staff canteen, to my current position which is very rewarding.  My record currently stands at over 102 trips on one day and each time there is always something new to see.

My day begins early as I have to maintain the boat, check the condition of the pulling rope and monitor the river’s water levels and conditions. What’s the most rewarding aspect of my job?  Seeing the reactions of the guests when they see the mode of transport to the camp, meeting new people and working with wonderful colleagues.



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