Mugie Primary School

Home to approximately 120 students; it is one of the top performing schools in the region and gives students the opportunity for a comprehensive education in rural Laikipia.



First established in 1985, The Mugie Primary School is a small public school situated on private land. Initially it was created to provide quality education for the children of Mugie’s employees, but has since grown in popularity and now welcomes both day pupils who live on the conservancy as well as 70 boarders from other areas between nursery and standard 8 class. It offers students the opportunity for a comprehensive education, as well as a supportive and caring community to grow up in. Suguta Mugie had the highest performance in Samburu County with 380 points in recent national exams. Combined with a high teacher:student ratio, places at the school are highly sought after.

In a collaborative effort between Mugie Conservancy and The Moyo Foundation, ‘Healthy Kids’ classes were started in January 2019, with a mind to encourage health and conservation education in this young generation. Every second Sunday one of our Governors’ Mugie guides leads a conservation talk for the children. Topics have ranged from the protection of endangered species and climate change, to pollution and poaching. The talks are helping to change the mindsets of these children so that they learn to appreciate their natural heritage and want to conserve it. Other sessions are led by the Mugie nurse and they aim to open up potentially difficult discussions ranging from sexual health, menstruation, early marriages and teen pregnancies to STDs and drug abuse. Due to the success of this work the conservancy is now increasing their reach into other schools.

Governors’ Mugie guests are welcome to visit the school which is open from 08:20 to 15:10 every weekday during term time. Please ensure all visit requests are made the day before. This can be done through your guide or the manager.

If you feel moved to provide support to the school we encourage you to consider sponsoring a child through their education. Primary education is free in Kenya, however it costs around USD200 per year to cover the boarding fees in this school. In-kind donations are also most welcome- these can be arranged for on behalf of the guests or guests can distribute them themselves. Please visit our Packing for a Difference page for suggestions on what items are most useful. The Mugie Community Office must be notified of any donations given to the school.