A filmmaker’s paradise

All of our Mara camps are positioned right in the heart of the action, in the most precious of wildlife locations and set amongst some of the most spectacular scenery, therefore it’s no surprise that landmark series such as BBC Earth’s ‘Dynasties’ and Animal Planet’s ‘Big Cat Tales’ are filmed right on our doorstep!


The Masai Mara

BBC Earth 'Dynasties'

BBC Earth’s new landmark series, ‘DYNASTIES’ (which is narrated by wildlife legend Sir David Attenborough) features our Marsh Pride of Lions – the most famous and core pride of Kenya’s Masai Mara.

This is an incredible story focusing on ‘Charm’ – a powerful lioness and one of the world’s best loved and most iconic creatures. Today, her offspring – Rembo and Kito – are leading the Marsh Pride against all perils, to ensure that this great dynasty continues.

The DYNASTY filming took place during a unique time for the Marsh Pride: all the males had abandoned ship, leaving the females to fend for themselves and protect their offspring against the dangers of the Kenya’s Masai Mara.

This series is a MUST WATCH following five extraordinary animals, each fighting for their very own survival and the future of their dynasties. You can watch the trailer HERE.

Animal Planet's 'Big Cat Tales'

Animal Planet’s ‘Big Cat Tales’ is the much-anticipated follow on series, from ‘Big Cat Diaries’, documenting the present-day lives of the memorable ‘Marsh Pride Of Lions’ as well as leopards and cheetahs in one of the best and most precious wildlife locations in the world – the Masai Mara.

Wildlife filmmakers Jonathan and Angela Scott are the much loved presenters of this show: they and their team are based out of the ‘Butterfly House’ at Governors’ Camp. We are always honoured to be part of such an amazing and important wildlife story – especially one that can be shared across the world like this.