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One full year and over 23,000 people supported during Covid-19!

As we mark the end of one entire year’s worth of community support, we are proud to say that your generous donations have really helped us to directly impact the lives of over 23,450 people in Kenya! Our teams have worked tirelessly to source and distribute over 117 tons worth of food to some of the most needy members of our communities, located in some of the most remote parts of Kenya.

kenya masai mara community support

Mara food drive – photo credit Felix Rome

The Masai Mara support event took place on the 27th of May. Almost four tons of basic food supplies were provided to 280 families! Each of these parcels support on average, five family members for one month, therefore this event would have directly benefited around 1400 people.

kenya masai mara community support

Mara food drive – photo credit Felix Rome

We carried out two food drive events in Naivasha in May; the first on the 5th and the second on the 26th of May. We were pleased to see a number of elderly and infirm people receiving supplies, since these people are suffering the most extreme hardships within their community. A total of 50 parcels supported 250 people. The Loldia House team of staff were fantastic as usual, in distributing the food and were all so willing to help.

Loldia food drive

Up in Mugie we combined two month’s worth of funding in order to provide substantial amounts of food supplies (over seven tons) to both primary and secondary schools in the Laikipia region over two days at the end of May.

Fifteen schools were selected in order to support around 3400 children. Each school received basic dry goods including maize, kidney beans, rice, salt, cooking fat and green grams as well as some fresh produce such as onions and cabbages.

The Mugie Conservancy are instrumental to these drives as they provide the knowledge, support and personnel required to carry out such large donations in what some would consider fairly harsh conditions.

Mugie food drive

Needless to say we are incredibly grateful to our teams of staff at all of our camps, without whose help we simply would not have been able to facilitate these drives. The individual sponsors, many of whom have kindly sent in multiple donations; The Mara Rianda Charitable Trust based out of the UK and The Chairman’s Foundation via The Wilderness Wildlife Trust who have both provided huge sums of money in order for us to keep up this important work. We have no doubt that these food parcels have been a godsend to the communities during what has surely been the toughest financial year for all of them.

kenya masai mara community support

Mara food drive – photo credit Felix Rome

If you feel in any way moved by any of these initiatives, and you would like to support us, you can make a donation of any kind through the Governors’ Camp Collection Community and Conservation Trust’s secure online payment portal. We will ensure that any funds you send are used to directly improve the lives and well being of our community neighbours. Thank you!

By Alisa Karstad, Community and Conservation Manager for Governors’ Camp Collection.



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