Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge: June 2019

June was another month of generosity at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge.

You may remember earlier this year our guest Charlette Adams donated 10 cows to be distributed to the most deserving members of the SACOLA community. Charlette wanted to create a “pay-it-forward” idea, that would see the recipients donating the first female calf to another member of the community, who in turn would do the same.

Charlette’s idea has inspired a movement, and this month saw our generous guests Debra and Rod donate a cow to another member of the SACOLA community, with the “pay-it-forward” idea helping to see more beneficiaries of this generosity in the future. A ceremony was held, attended by the leaders of the SACOLA community, and Debra and Rod, as well as our manager Michael Hughes. There was great cheer all round and a beautiful day and moment was enjoyed by all.

Debra with Sabyinyo Manager Michael Hughes and community members 

Last week our marketing manager Chloe Flatt had the privilege of attending “An Evening with Rwanda at Arsenal” at the Emirates Stadium in London, an event to celebrate the first year milestone of the three-year marketing partnership between Rwanda and the Arsenal football team. The partnership has proven incredibly fruitful for Rwanda, helping to promote awareness and knowledge of this beautiful country as a fantastic destination to not only visit, but to do business in. Rwanda has the 2nd fastest growing economy in Africa, is the 2nd ranked country in Africa for ease of doing business, has the highest ratio of women in parliament in the world, and the 5th safest country in the world to walk at night.

‘An evening with Rwanda at Arsenal’ – photo credit Chloe Flatt

In attendance for the night were VERY special guests and Arsenal legends Thierry Henry and Tony Adams, who were invited on stage to speak about the partnership and their visits to Rwanda. Tony Adams is due to return to Rwanda later this year as a namer for the Kwita Izina ceremony in September – Rwanda’s annual gorilla baby naming ceremony celebrating the births of baby gorillas.

Arsenal legends Thierry Henry and Tony Adams – photo credit Chloe Flatt

By Chloe Flatt, Governors’ Camp Collection



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