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The Governors’ ‘cast of characters’ story (Part Two)

Featured in this month’s ‘cast of characters’ story, we are delighted to introduce you to our team who are passionate about delivering exceptional service and generous hospitality, from exquisite dining experiences, to wonderful cocktails and an incredible birding expert.

Meet Clement Lagat, Head Barman, Governors’ Camp, Masai Mara.

Born in central Kenya, Clement was raised to be a farmer but loved meeting people so much that he ventured into the world of hospitality and has worked for Governors’ for an impressive 35 years!

“I take great delight in seeing our guests watch the sun go down over the Masai Mara as they sip on one of our signature cocktails and toast another unforgettable day in Africa,” ~ Clement Lagat

I joined Governors’ Camp in 1987; my brother was working as a mechanic and he introduced me to the Governors’ family. I initially trained as a waiter, then moved into the bar and was quickly promoted to Assistant Bartender to finally being appointed as the Head Bartender and Mixologist.

I generally work during breakfast and dinner time – but there is no typical day as every day is a different day – which is what I love.  I oversee the outlet’s bar operations and other bartenders’ work to ensure that they provide a positive guest experience.

I have a passion for learning about the chemistry of cocktails including the creation of new ones.  My favourite cocktail to make is my own twist on the Vesper Martini – Governors style!  I love the combination of the gin and the vodka plus I like the complexity in the making and the taste of the cocktail.

What is your favorite part of your role?  “Working with the F&B Team and taking care of our guests every need. The Governors’ Camp Collection look after their team members and they always want to help us grow and evolve.  They are very understanding and genuinely care about you”

Meet David Chebusit, Head Security Guard, Little Governors’ Camp, Masai Mara.


“With over 500 bird species to spot in the treetops, bushes and skies, the Masai Mara is a bird watchers paradise,” ~ David Chebusit

David is another longterm member of staff – he’s been an integral member of the team for 22 years!

“I was introduced to the Governor’s Camp Collection in 2000 by my brother who worked as a driver at the camp.  I joined Little Governors’ as an askari (security guard). My main role is to ensure the safety of our guests in the camp and escort them through the riverine forest, which is teeming with bird life.

Over the years I have come to know and adore the bird life in the treetops, bushes and skies.  My desire to learn more about the birds has made me embark upon numerous studies to broaden my knowledge.

The Masai Mara is known worldwide for its abundance and variety of wildlife, in particular the big cats but the birdlife, although less well known, is equally impressive.  There are over 500 species of birds recorded, which includes an impressive 46 different birds of prey.  These birds range from the world’s largest bird, the ostrich, to the tiniest sunbirds.

I like to come to work early in the morning because it is the best time of the day, as I am an early morning person and I enjoy meeting and chatting to our guests about the variety of bird life.

The birds provide a flurry of color and noise that provide excellent photographic opportunities as well as some beautiful sights and sounds”.

Meet Lilian Locho, Head Chef, Governors’ Il Moran, Masai Mara.

Lilian has been a treasured member of our kitchen team for the past 21 years, offering our guests unique culinary experiences whilst on safari.

“We grow and supply the camp’s kitchens with the freshest herbs, fruit and vegetables grown in the Masai Mara soil” ~ Lilian Locho

When I was growing up, my father was the Head Chef at Governors’ Camp and during our school holidays I would visit him in the Masai Mara and this gave me the first real insight into the world of hospitality. The joy of cooking, the buzz of service and the delight of constantly meeting new people.

My father taught me that there can be no better choice than using the best of what is available naturally. So our kitchen garden grows a selection of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs.  It is such a delight to plant seeds, watch them grow and then prepare and create something wonderful for our guests to enjoy.

My day usually begins at 4.30am as we prepare the breakfasts for the guests on the balloon safaris and then we arrange breakfast for the other guests who are heading out on early morning games drives.  I then spend my day communicating with relevant staff regarding guests’ dietary needs, planning menus and working as a team to support each other.  I am constantly creating new delicious seasonal meals from our wonderful gardens.

In my 21-year career, I have developed a strong passion for developing not only my own skills, but those of the team.  My ethos is to strive to be a better version of myself each day, whether this is in bold culinary achievements or routine tasks.  This is what I share with my team and how I challenge them to develop themselves.

Governors’ Camp Collection gives me the feeling of being part of a large family.  I feel valued and the company allows me to exercise my passion for cooking and progress every day whilst interacting with our wonderful guests”

Thanks to our resident photographer, Nick Penny, for the wonderful images.



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