Lake Oloiden

Lake Oloiden is yet another birding hot spot that can be enjoyed whilst staying at Loldia House.


The Great Rift Valley Safari

Lake Oloiden was originally part of Lake Naivasha but is now separated by a 200 meter stretch of elevated land.  Smaller than Lake Naivasha, this lake is very calm and peaceful – home to over 400 avian species including the iconic African fish eagle and enchanting pelicans. ‘Oloiden’ which means “salty” in the local Maa language is an important breeding ground for both the common and white-necked cormorants.

We highly recommend that our guests of Loldia House pay a visit to this less known lake, as it is a haven for lesser flamingos as well as being an area of considerable scenic beauty. Head off on a boat safari on Lake Oloiden with one of our guides who will identify all of the water birds and wetland species around the lakeshore.